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AI Face Recognition 
Anti-Wandering System*

*This solution is titled as one of the Recognized Technology Application Products under the I&T Fund


ai Facial recognition


anti-wandering system



Under the pandemic, the identity rate of facial recognition system reduces as face masks cover most part of our face. With our system, we introduce a facial recognition anti-wandering system that is fully capable with face masks.


The one-to-one facial recognition system has been adopted in the market. However, its credibility lowers as multiple residents wander away. As such, our 1 to N facial recognition anti-wandering system mitigates this problem with the ability to analysis multiple faces at once.


As resident wanders away from the care home, the face recognition system can analyze the residents' faces with the local database , and display real-time audio and video alarms on the system. This helps to identify the current situation of the residents in order to provide help as soon as possible.

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