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RFID Anti-Wandering System (AWS)*

RFID Technology x IoT Solution

*This solution is titled as one of the Recognized Technology Application Products under the I&T Fund


What is RFID AWS?

RFID AWS is an elderly monitoring system that adopts RFID technology to keep track of the resident's movement. Elderly wearing clothes with RFID tags embedded will be detected automatically in case the elderly wander away from the centers without permission. 



features of rfid aws

High Accuracy

The elderly information is accurately stored in the RFID tag. These information will also display on the AWS system.

Real-time supervision

Instance alert displaying resident's name, location,etc. will be shown on the system as the elderly leaves the premise without permission.

No extra equipment

Only a small RFID tag will be embedded comfortably on the elderly's clothes to minimize the felling of being monitored .

Support off-line mode

As the RFID reader detects the tag, it directly transfer signal to the system without the need of internet connection.

How Does it work?


RFID Tag Embedding

The RFID tag is first embedded on the elderly's clothes. This can be inside the top, pants or even the insole. 


As the elderly leaves

The RFID reader detects the tag that is out of bound. It then transfers such signal to the system immediately. 


System Visualization

The staff within the premise locates the wandering elderly based on the clear information shown on the system. 



everything iot.

As an IoT-enabled solution, the RFID AWS comes with an online software that includes everything you need to use the system. Whether it is user authorization, elderly registration and report generation, the AWS system covers all functions. 


According to the Mental Health Review Report (2017), Alzheimer's Disease (AD) is accounted for nearly 65% of dementia in Hong Kong Chinese elderly, which represents almost one-tenth of the elderly population. With AD, elderly becomes forgetful with behavior change including wandering. As such, a system that provides real time alert when an elderly leaves the premise without permission is needed.

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