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Model No.: SP2007

Weight: 650 g

Scan Range: Up to 20 m (tag & environment dependent)

Battery Capacity: 9000 mAh

Usuage hours: Up to 14 hrs

IP Code: IP65

Warranty: 1 year


Product Features:

This UHF All-in-one handheld reader uses Android 10.0 system, an eight-core processor, and a combination of 2 + 16G memory. The reader is equipped with a 9000mAh polymer lithium battery. It also supports fast charging and WiFi roaming function.


In addition, this device uses air dielectric antenna, combined with a professional scanning handle and shield. It supports UHF single tag and multi-tag reading, with longer distance and faster efficiency.


Usage: fixed asset management, inventory, library management, etc.

RFID All-in-one Handheld Reader

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